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“I went to see Dr. Zelinger yesterday to get my tattoo removed. The whole experience was fast and pleasant—Incredible!

This’s been my first time to remove a tattoo so I got to hear everything I needed to know before it started. I used to consider tattoo removal a scary, huge and complicated surgery with a tedious procedure, which turned to be the opposite by Dr. Zelinger. It took like 5 mins, hurt a little bit but not much as you were getting the tattoo, plus it was really quick so probably you won’t feel a thing.

The thing I learned from Dr. Zelinger is that, you’ll need less treatment sessions if you give more time space in between the sessions. 3 months time space is standard, the longer, the better. In other words, you can save big bucks if you are not in a hurry. I’m in no rush, so I’m gonna go back to see him in August for my 2nd treatment.

If you need a tattoo removal in Philly, this is THE place. Dr. Zelinger is the best! You already regret a tattoo, you can’t afford regretting a tattoo removal!”
– Shinichi

“Dr. Zelinger has done the best botox procedure that I have ever had. I’ve a few Philly docs try to get my eyebrows to lift with botox to no avail but Dr. Z was actually able to achieve this for me. I have had botox for crows feet and frown line between brows before as well and his was superior in that it lasted longer than other treatments I have had. His prices are also super reasonable. I didn’t feel like I was being sold on anything and I think he is honest and super knowledgeable!”
– Mary

“I Loveeee Dr. Zelinger! He really knows his stuff. I’ve been to him for a couple different things now and will definitely be going back. I just referred a friend of mine who’s also now going next month because she couldn’t get over how good my skin looked, and was asking what I’ve been doing differently. 🙂 Dr. Z. does everything! The office is nice and quaint, a homey feel, I like it. Dr. Zelinger is really informative, caring, thorough, and extremely personable. It’s a very friendly environment. He doesn’t try to sell you on anything and he’s very honest, which I appreciate a lot. It took a long time to find someone I trust. He is also veryyy easy on the eyes so that also makes me feel more comfortable when there’s someone kind of up close in ur face doing procedures lol. All in all, he’s great. He’s my go to guy!”
– Li

“Dr. Zelinger is so professional, kind and likable. He has great bedside manner and is patient while consulting. He looks at each case individually and makes the best recommendations for your particular need. He is cautious and never talks you into more treatment or procedure than you actually need. His honesty is refreshing.”
– Cathy

“Dr. Zelinger Was very informative. He answered all of my questions before I asked them. I just started my first session for my tattoo removal, I look forward to my next session.”
– Dale

“Dr. Zelinger is the best of the best. I’ve been going to see him for a couple of years now and I couldn’t be happier. He has an excellent bedside manner and truly cares about his patients. The results of his procedures are always great and I find that his prices are incredibly reasonable. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone.”
– Jane

“One of the best aesthetic clinics I’ve ever visit. Loved it! Great helpful staff. I had laser tattoo and hair removal with Dr. Zelinger. Great immediate results with both procedures. Dr. Zelinger is honest with the procedures outcomes and following treatment plans. He will advise whether the procedure will work well for you or not based on your personal preferences and needs. The prices are also very reasonable. Highly recommend!”
– Ekatherina

“Dr. Zelinger is awesome!!! The location of his office is very convenient and easy to find. His staff is extremely friendly. I went in to get botox for a crease in my forehead (I go back for another treatment in a few weeks), and some lazer treatments for some unwanted moles and dark spots. Even though I’m not done with my treatments, my face looks a 100 times better already. Dr. Zelinger is great – he makes you feel comfortable and at ease. He explains everything in detail and is very concerned with your comfort level. I can’t wait to go back!”
– Gretchen

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